Are you planning to move or transfer your office? Whether you will be moving or transferring just within the vicinity of your current location, still, that would take a large amount of planning and resources on your part, so better expect for more effort and budget to be used on that. But there is nothing to worry about this kind of scenario, let us help you! Allow UsedPhones to do this task of moving your Telecommunication Systems for you, so that you can make other things while UsedPhones is the one in-charge of fixing and putting things in order, in its proper places on your behalf.

Why you would trust us? Yes, you can, because UsedPhones has a tested, proven and extensive years of experience in Relocating and Upgrading Telephone Systems. By means of a complete, up-dated, skilled and professional planning and development, UsedPhones ensures that all of your relocation needs will be meet and satisfied.

UsedPhones has a tested and flexible designs comprises of Five (5) important sections

Study, Examine and Analyze

UsedPhones’ certified and qualified relocation engineer/officer will visit your current and new locations to be able to determine and compare the system you are currently using and make an analysis on the systems needed to be used or applied to your new office.

Design, Plan and Visualize

After conducting the visit and inspection, clients will be given a detailed plan and schedule as to what are the things needed, its procedure, when will the action be taken and who will be in-charge of it. UsedPhones will be coordinating the Telephone System’s Relocation, Voice and Data wiring for the new area, as well as the Telecommunication Services’ order and options . Then, UsedPhones will prepare a detailed time frame and an itemized budget allocation for that particular procedure aiming to provide clarity and transparency of work.

Move and Relocate

UsedPhones’ skilled personnel and technicians will properly supervise the move or transfer through a complete checking of all the equipment to be used.

Test and Trial Run

All network equipment will be installed for testing purposes whether all systems are being configured properly by UsedPhones’ Technicians in preparation for its operation.

Launch and Go Live

UsedPhones’ Relocation Technician who is in-charge of the task will continuously supervise the area to be able to check  the transition process until such time that the move has been successfully made.

An extreme list of successful moves assisted by us will prove that UsedPhones can be trusted and worthy of your investment.

Phone Line Relocation

In reality, a large number of phone companies tend to use the popular and most common phrase “relocating phone lines” in this kind of industry, but we all know that it is just an idea or action signifying the changes in location. A relocation process requires for a new phone lines connection to the new site or area, hence the phone number will be switched or diverted from old to the new lines. Its a good thing to have a new site before a new phone system is purchased as it will not make the installation a little bit stressful, the work would be a lot easier and the testing period will not take  that long, unlike when you are moving out from an old place to a new one wherein you will be passing through a series of  relocation procedures. The Relocation of a Phone System will take a few hours depending on the quantity of handsets and distance in moving or transferring.

What phone number will be used?

Its just a change of location, same phone number will be used upon transferring or moving.  The clients must check and communicate with their local telephone exchange company regarding the change of address/location.

What if I can’t keep the old phone number? Is there any other option?

Once this occurs, there would still be some good options where your costumers can still contact you through your old number(s) such as:

  1. Call Forwarding – The first solution which you could temporarily use is by means of transfering your calls from your business number to your current mobile phones, pagers, answering service machine or new phone numbers.
  2. Number Redirecting – The second option will be setting up a permanent call diversions from your old number to the new one.
  3. Message Bank – Lastly, it is by setting up a customized message being attached to the old number informing your clients regarding your new contact information.

What would be the estimated time in giving notice?

Many phone companies ask for a minimum of five (5) working days for a PSTN analogue phone line be installed within the metropolitan area,  about ten (10) to fifteen (15) working days when it comes to the installation of an ISDN2 service and approximately  thirty (30) days upon the installation of an ISDN.  The one who is much responsible in making a more precised idea regarding this matter would be your phone company service provider. On the contrary, once your new place has not enough existing telephone cabling, it is presumed that the delivery process and time may be prolonged for some technical reasons.

What approximate number of lines will be expected?

This is applicable only to those who are moving to have an expansion or down sizing,  with this regard, you will be using the same number of lines you currently have.  The approximate number of lines to be kept and maintain will vary depending on the total number of employees/staff and nature of one’s business or organization.

Will I go for the Analogue Phone Lines or Digital Phone Lines ?

Sparing an enough time to examine your Telecommunication System, phone system and its settings, phone company service provider, phone types and its benefits or advantages will help you in your moving plan.

  • ISDN lines is requiring a different interface on the phone system therefore, to change from PSTN to ISDN or from ISDN2 to ISDN10/20/30 you have to be sure that  your phone system has suitable line cards.
  • ISDN2 has an equivalent of two (2) phone lines while ISDN10 has a total of ten (10) phone lines. Having a dial range is needed upon choosing, where dial ranges have one hundred (100) number blocks so eventhough you are employing only two (2) staff and utilize one (1) ISDN2, there’s still a need to order a block of one hundred (100) in dial numbers which is really affordable. To avoid confusion between the number of lines and in dial numbers, it must be acknowledged that the number of lines is determined by the number of ISDN lines, for an instance, two (2) ISDN2’s could provide four (4) lines, while the number of in dial numbers is one hundred (100) or a multiple of one hundred (100) depending on how many one hundred (100) number blocks being ordered. A good example of this is a business with two (2) ISDN2’s or a total of four (4) lines with one hundred number in dial range wherein the said one hundred (100) phone numbers could still be possibly promoted or put into a for sale status.

It is of an importance to acknowledge that the current Analogue (PSTN) phone number could not form part of the one hundred (100) numbers, hence, cannot function with a one hundred (100) number range. Thus, in an instance where the company would decide to continue the existing phone number, the options will neither divert nor keep a pair of Analogue (PSTN) lines for the existing phone number and utilize the ISDN lines for the new in dial numbers.

In cases of moving to an area where it has a phone system installed already, the next thing to consider are the working status, extensions and line cards suited to make these phone lines work properly. When it comes to cabling, be sure to check if there are enough phone points in the proper places, a survey must be done before moving or transferring so that any procedures needed will take place. Another thing is that, the client must know the estimated life span of its usage and any temporary or impermanent diversions from the previous office must be properly done before the disconnection of the phone system for moving purposes.


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