GN 9120 Wireless Headset (Flex Boom

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GN9120 Wireless Headset (Flex Boom Mike) by GN Netcomm

-Truly wireless headset for complete freedom and ease of use
-Full mobility in the office – up to 150 metres range
-Connects with most desk phones
-up to 8-hours of talk time
-Sleek design midi mike boom
-Two wearing styles included: Headband & Earhook designs
-remote call answering/ending (optional GN10 RHL handset lifter required)
-Built in compatibility switches
-Digital encryption for secure conversations with DECT technology

Your work environment has evolved – and so has the
headset. The wireless GN 9120 headset is the future
of executive telephony. Giving you an incredible 150 metres
of range in the office, up to 8-hours of talk time plus a
host of unique features and benefits, the GN 9120 lets
you get more done.

Adding the GN 10 RHL remote handset lifter with the
GN 9120 lets you remotely answer/end calls away from
your desk.

Flexibility, comfort and styling are hallmarks of the
GN 9120. The GN 9120 also complies with the toughest acoustic
shock protection standards, eliminating overly-loud
sounds, and is compatible with virtually any telephone.