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Commander Connect Handset

Commander Connect Telephone is capable of handling extensive calling and call handling requirements. It is intended for moderate call volume users such as office professionals and technical specialists.

Key Features: Commander Connect Telephone
  • Selecting from analogue telephones or a choice of 2 digital stations saves you money, ensuring you’re not paying for more features than you need.
  • The Connect becomes a hub for all your Communications equipment, rationalising your network line rental costs.
  • Account coding allows all calls to be tracked for client billing purposes.
  • Modular system design allows you to only pay for what you need now, with the capability to enhance & grow the system as you need to.
  • Networking your computers and your phone system with one set of equipment allows you to share lines between internet and voice functions.*


  • Internet Module*.
  • Voicemail and Auto Attendant.
  • Mobility (DECT system).
  • Call accounting software.
  • Boardroom Audio conferencing equipment.
  • Hospitality Solution
  • Primary Rate services

* The Internet Module is not available on the Compact platform.