Avaya 7430 DECT Used Handset

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The 74 Series DECT Handset seamlessly extends the features and applications of Business Communications Manager (BCM) to provide wireless communications. It offers cost-effective, high-quality multi-cell roaming capabilities within and around the office environment.

The potential coverage area of the 74 Series DECT Handset exceeds 1.5 million square feet and is scalable up to 64 users. Small & mid-size businesses can leverage these capabilities to achieve increased employee productivity and collaboration, improved customer service, significant cost savings, new revenues, and growth opportunities.

This handset offers solid value at a low cost. Its rugged design is ideal for industrial, warehouse and retail environments. Also available outside of North America, this handset model numbers include 7434, 4135, 4135Ex and 4136.


Improve employee productivity & collaboration
The 74 Series DECT Handset lets mobile workers receive calls on both their desk set and their wireless handset. This capability helps them stay connected regardless of location within or near the office or campus environment.
Improve customer service
This handset helps workers reduce voice mail tag and resolve customer issues faster. The right information gets to and from the right employee at the right time.
Reduce costs
The 74 helps businesses save on cellular and pager phone costs and re-wiring expenses. By providing mobility in industrial, warehouse and retail environments, this handset helps workers with improving inventory management and quality control.
Increase revenues
The 74 frees employees from their desks, allowing them to help customers and close sales, but not miss calls.
Grow your business
The modular architecture of the 74 enables easy expansion