Avaya 5620 IP Hardphone

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The Avaya 5620 IP Hardphone – Arguably one of the best VoIP phones available today. Features a large graphical grayscale display, 24 programmable call appearance / feature keys and 11 fixed feature keys. Each button is labeled directly from the Avaya IP Office system, which means goodbye to paper labels!

The Avaya 5620 VoIP phone also includes a built-in headset jack and a full-duplex speaker phone for audio conferencing. This unit can be wall-mounted or used on the desktop with a 7 position adjustable stand.

Features of the 5620 IP Hardphone :

  • 24 Programmable call appearance/feature keys (arranged in 2 switchable display pages of 12 matching the 12 physical display buttons).
  • Automatically labeled from the system (no paper labels).
  • 11 Fixed Feature Keys: Speaker, Mute, Hold, Headset and Volume Up/Down, Conference, Transfer, Hold, Redial and Drop.
  • Large graphical gray-scale display (168 x 132 pixels).
  • 4 Embedded applications: Speed Dial, Call Log, Web Browser (WAP/WML), Options.
  • Full-duplex speaker phone with acoustic cavity for improved sound quality.
  • Socket for use with the EU24, 24 button expansion module.
  • 7 Position adjustable desk stand/wall mount stand.
  • Built-in headset jack.
  • Multiple language support built-in: English, French, Italian, Spanish & KataKana.
  • 8 Personalized ring patterns.
  • Integrated 2 full duplex 10/1 BaseT switched Ethernet ports for connection to the IP Office and PC pass through.
  • Auto-negotiation provided separately for each port.
  • 802.3 Flow Control.
  • Phone has priority over PC port at all times.
  • Connects to IP Office via the LAN.
  • Note: The 56 series will only work on Avaya IP Office release version 3 or higher.