Avaya 3701 IP Cordless Used Phone

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The Avaya 3701 is a cordless DECT phone for use with the Avaya IP Office solution. The Avaya 3701 provides businesses with a high-functionality wireless solution. Typically, the 3701 phone is connected to the phone system via a series of base stations interspersed throughout the facility so that as you are walking through your business premises, as you go out of range of one base station you will fall into the range of another. Thus, using the Avaya 3701, all the features of Avaya IP office are at the reach of users in businesses with large physical spaces (ie factory floors, warehouses). The Avaya 3701 DECT phone is part of the Avaya IP DECT addon to IP Office. This provides up to 120 handsets with up to 32 base stations. The base stations communicate using VOIP, which enables the system to span several offices over a WAN.

50 entry phonebook – independent of system phonebook
20 hours talk / 2 hours standby time
10 ring tones with temporary mute
3-line graphic LCD
Speaker/handset volume control
Manual/automatic key lock
Listen-only handsfree speaker
SOS emergency speed dial key