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Sku:Alcatel 4019 Digital Phone Handset


Alcatel 4019 handset offers amazing value, it is also a very feature rich standard phone.  Depending on your budget and business requirements, the Alcatel 4029 phone can represent money well spent. Typically, most companies invest in a combination of Alcatel 4019 handsets, some 4029 and at least one 4039. For example a small business with 6 users might receive 4 x 4019, 1x 4029 and 1x 4039.

The Alcatel 4019 telephone answers all the standard requests of most small business users:


  • Caller displayed on screen
  • 6 programmable buttons that light up when staff are on calls
  • Easy redial, on hold and transfer functions
  • Easy access to voicemail messages
  • Easy access of up to 30 speed dial numbers
  • Loudspeaker for paging (not hands free speaker)
  • Mute mode

If you choose to upgrade from the Alcatel 4019 telephone to the 4029 you can do so for approx. $1 extra. For this the Alcatel user will receive:

  • Speakerphone
  • Larger screen
  • Headset capability
  • QWERTY keyboard for incredibly fast speed dialling
  • Plus all the features of the Alcatel 4019 phone
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