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Power and Electrical Cabling

UsedPhones, is known to be one amidst the top Power & Electrical Installation Specialists. We are skilled and well-experience in assessing your current power and electrical system, thus aimed to advise, design, install, commission and maintain a power management system to match with your company's budget allocation and requirements. Our offices are located in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart.

Our Licensed Electricians provide a complete services including:

  • vmenuhovereditemicon Layout planning of the wiring systems.
  • vmenuhovereditemicon Testing and Tagging of electrical equipment, locating and repairing electrical malfunctions.
  • vmenuhovereditemicon Installing electrical and electronic control systems.
  • vmenuhovereditemicon Assembling and fabricating electrical and electronic components, as well as appliances.
  • vmenuhovereditemicon Connecting electrical equipment to power supplies.
  • vmenuhovereditemicon Maintaining automated production processes.
  • vmenuhovereditemicon Installing insulated cables and connect switches, outlets and other fittings.
  • vmenuhovereditemicon Connecting circuit breakers, transformers, motors, heaters and other electrical equipment.
  • vmenuhovereditemicon Installing electrical equipment such as storage heaters, water heaters, electric signs, switchboards, motors and other electrical equipment.

UsedPhones is into Switch Board Maintenance, Upgrading, Repairing and Rewiring, wecan also assess, service and re-install all your Power, Data and Telecommunication Cabling Systems throughout your office or factory locations. Aside from being a Data and Telecommunications Specialists, we are also an Electrical Specialists, we can streamline and centralize your Cabling System and help you save more on the cost of multiple installation contracts.

We can supply base load and standby power generation systems, both Commercial and Industrial Power Distribution Systems, as well as Infrastructure Power and Communications Cabling.

has the extreme capacity, expertise and resources in managing and coordinating all types of electrical work, and our service division acts as an built-in part in its over-all package.

When undertaking an electrical work, the needs of our clients are dominant therefore it is a must and our concern to concentrate more on the following aspects:

  • vmenuhovereditemicon Work with minimal disruptions
  • vmenuhovereditemicon Being more of a 'proactive' rather than a 'reactive' service provider
  • vmenuhovereditemicon Offer cost effective measures appropriately
  • vmenuhovereditemicon Focus on a very environmental impact of products being advertised and utilized
  • vmenuhovereditemicon Ensure that all work meets with accreditation standards and legislative requirements
  • vmenuhovereditemicon Promote energy saving solutions
  • vmenuhovereditemicon Consistently produce electrical works of a high standard
  • vmenuhovereditemicon Safer work practices

UsedPhones is considered to be a leader in the electrical field, well-equipped with the approriate skills and knowledge when it comes to electrical and power, telecommunications, cabling, phone system. UsedPhones is an eminent part of the Victorian Building Industry. UsedPhones has a trusted team inherent with long years of working experience and specialization in this industry.