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GN Netcom Headsets

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GN Netcom produces professional headsets solutions for office, small office/home office and contact centers. Our products include corded, cordless, Bluetooth® wireless, USB, unified communication enabled, DECT and GAP headsets. We focus on ensuring that our products live up to regulatory standards regarding safety at work and noise protection. Our headset solutions help increase business productivity and efficiency.

GN 9120 Wireless Headset

The GN9120 Wireless Headset is the now the 2nd generation of cordless technology bought to you by GN Netcom. With a range of 100 meters and a talktime of 8 hours it surpasses any other truly cordless headset on the market. Coupled with a noise-filtering microphone and a light weight design it makes the GN9120 the perfect cordless choice for any user.

The GN-9120 Wireless Headset comes with a choice of three different boom arms. The flex-boom comes with noise-cancelling microphone, perfect for cubicle or open office environments, and the midi-boom comes with noise-filtering microphone. The micro-boom comes with an omni-directional microphone, ideal for quieter or private offices. No matter which boom arm you choose or which kind of office you work in, you will be guaranteed excellent sound quality.

Key Features: GN9120 Wireless Headset

bullet_list_footer Battery charging slot / headset stand
bullet_list_footer Battery charging indicator
bullet_list_footer On-line indicator
bullet_list_footer Headset / Handset button
bullet_list_footer Microphone volume control
bullet_list_footer Headband / Earhook Adaptor
bullet_list_footer Hookswitch Compatible - 0
bullet_list_footer Range - 100 meters
bullet_list_footer Volume control
bullet_list_footer Secure Communication
bullet_list_footer Talk Time - 8 hours
bullet_list_footer Noise cancelling microphone



Product descripton GN9120 Wireless Headset...


The GN 9120 is the now the second generation of...


To keep calls secure, the GN 9120 uses a digital...