Technicians certified in terminating CAT 5, CAT5E and CAT6 cable

Complete Computer Network Design and Installations

Whether moving premises or starting the construction process, UsedPhones can assist you with designing and installing your structured voice and data cabling network, or can audit and document the network you have inherited from previous building occupants. Switching equipment is only as good as the network it runs across and in plenty of cases state of the art equipment can be deemed useless as the customer’s network is of sub-standard quality usually due to poor installation practices. In most instances a network audit can help identify and diagnose the cause of these faults. Through the auditing process a list of faults can be documented and repaired making your network more efficient and reliable.

UsedPhones is at the forefront of structured cabling network design and construction.  All our technicians are ACA licensed and are endorsed master installers of ADC Krone cabling products.  Everyone has specific network requirements to suit their business and a secure network is often a mandatory requirement. We can help advise you of the best cabling solution tailored to your needs at the most cost effective price.

Underground Cabling and Aerial Cable Installation

If you have multiple buildings on the one site and require communication links between these buildings. UsedPhones can install underground or aerial cable. Our technicians are all experienced in underground cable jointing and are accredited installers.

Optic Fibre Cabling and Optic Fibre Installation

Other Optic Fibre Services: Optic Fibre Testing / Optic Fibre Repairs / Optic Fibre Splicing

Optic fibre, over time, has become a large part of local area network and carrier network in Australia. With today’s technology requiring more bandwidth than ever, optic fibre is one of the solutions that can give a network a much greater capacity to carry high amounts of data with minimum cost. As opposed to traditional copper networks, optic fibre has the ability to push the same amount of bandwidth through a single cable in comparison to that of multiple copper cables. UsedPhones can assist you with all your optic fibre requirements. From switching equipment right down to the type of optic fibre cable you require for a specific project. All our technicians have their ACA optic fibre endorsements and are all experienced in terminating and splicing methods. All of our equipment is carrier graded and is calibrated on a regular basis to ensure your optic fibre network is fault free and of the highest quality.

PSTN Lines / TV Points and Cabling Phone Systems

  • Residential & Commercial Cabling
  • Phone Points / Telstra Lines
  • Data Points  / Office and Home Data Networks
  • TV Points  / Coaxial Cabling
  • Internet Broadband Cabling

From big jobs to small, UsedPhones certified technicians have handled work in homes, apartments, offices, government institutes, professional offices and industrial sites.

Our professional approach means that you will know what to expect from your technician, when you can expect to see him what will be required from you.

We pride ourselves on leaving the site as we found it and take extra care when working in peoples homes and offices to ensure that we are clean and tidy and leave no unwanted evidence of our visit.

PABX Phone Systems Installations

A correctly installed and supported phone system is an essential tool for any business.

UsedPhones Business Communications experts can correctly install your phone system to allow you to provide the best possible service to your customers. We can also discuss your requirements with you to make sure you have the most appropriate system for your needs.


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